We start where scanners stop.


Atredis takes a targeted, client-centric testing approach to penetration testing that starts with an attacker profile, industry-centric threats, and risk tolerance. We use real-world attack scenarios and advanced vulnerability research techniques, identifying known attack classes while also finding new zero-day vulnerabilities unique to your environment. Finally, we collaborate with you to develop a realistic mitigation strategy, aligned with your specific requirements.

We believe this intersection of vulnerability research and traditional penetration testing delivers analysis that is second to none.

Key Skills - Advanced Penetration Testing

  • Red Team Penetration Testing and Attack Simulation
    • Goal-based Attack Simulation and Infiltration
    • Exfiltration Testing and Targeted Attack Scenarios
    • Physical Infiltration and Corporate Espionage Simulation
  • Advanced Network Penetration Testing
    • Wireless Attack and Rogue Wireless Testing
    • RF Protocol Analysis and Reverse Engineering
    • Network Protocol Runtime Analysis and Fuzzing
  • Host and Device Penetration Testing
    • Zero-Day Simulation and AV/IPS/IDS Evasion Testing
    • OS / firmware / appliance Security Assessment
    • Host exploitation, payload creation and PoC development
  • Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing
    • Web Application Automation and Test Case Creation
    • Web Application Runtime Analysis and Instrumentation
    • Web Application Fault Injection, Fuzzing, and Test Case Validation
    • Web Application protocol analysis and rich client testing