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Note: Due to the nature of the work we do, we don’t have any entry-level roles here, sorry. Many of our industry peers have great programs for folks starting out in InfoSec.

Atredis Partners is currently looking for Principal and Senior Consultants to work in our Research Consulting and Risk practices.

Principal Consultants will need ten years or more of work experience, and Senior Consultants will need five years or more of work experience. Advanced degrees in CS, EE, or related fields are welcomed but not required.

In all positions we’re looking for extensive backgrounds in application security, embedded security, network penetration testing, reverse engineering, exploit development, risk management, and related Information Security disciplines.

We work 100% remotely, and currently can hire anywhere in the US or Canada - we just ask that you live within an hour of a major airport. 

We have a benefits package that includes extensive time off, zero cost top-tier health insurance, generous revenue sharing, 401K, and lots of opportunities for training and professional growth.

You should also be prepared to expand your skills and collaborate - we run nearly all of our engagements in teams, going after complex targets and playing to each person’s strengths while also giving them a chance to learn new languages, architectures, techniques, and platforms.

Drop us a line on our Contact page if you’re interested. When sending a CV or resumé, please paste it as plain text in the body of your message. Sorry, we don't open attachments.