Atredis is built for you.

Much of the information security industry is built on selling complex solutions to simple problems. Many vendors focus on boilerplate, commodity services and replacing people with products, pounding square pegs into round holes. At Atredis Partners, you aren't a commodity. We focus instead on understanding each client's individual security needs, business goals and engagement drivers.

Each and every work product we create is unique, tailored to the target environment, powered by our own research and a passion to truly improve quality for our clients and partners.

We don't rely on non-technical sales teams to handle our client relationships and proposals. Instead, we assign a founding partner or practice manager to every project team, ensuring constant and continuous client feedback, from scoping to proposal and execution.


At Atredis Partners, we thrive in the unknown, and nothing gets us more excited than a new client project with unique challenges and obstacles to overcome. By definition, each of our engagements is built with the client's specific objectives in mind, so if you have a specific need that isn't in this list, please contact us! We'd love to build a bespoke proposal to meet your needs.



Research-Powered Penetration Testing

Our goal at Atredis from day one was to redefine penetration testing. We bring one of the most well-respected security research and consulting teams in the world, blending cutting-edge security research with traditional penetration testing to deliver results that we believe are second to none in our industry.



Embedded Security Assessment

In our embedded security engagements, our world-class team of research consultants deliver full-scope hardware, automotive, IoT, mobile, medical and industrial security assessments at every layer of a device, from low-level reversing to firmware and embedded software exploitation.



Risk Management

Our Risk team brings a research-driven and technology-centric approach to risk management and compliance, collaborating with our other technical teams to help our clients move beyond checkboxes with a forward-looking, scientific approach to managing threats.



Atredis is some of the best people in Information Security.

While our client base is by definition confidential and we often operate under strict nondisclosure agreements, Atredis Partners have delivered notable public security research on improving the security of Google, Motorola, Microsoft, Samsung and HTC products, and were the first security research firm to be named in Qualcomm’s Product Security Hall of Fame. We’ve received four research grants from the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, and have identified entirely new classes of vulnerabilities in hardware, software, and the infrastructure of the World Wide Web. 

To deliver work at the highest standards in our industry, we have built a team of seasoned, passionate professionals with a drive to be among the best in the world at what they do.

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