CVE-2019-5513: Information Leaks in VMWare Horizon

The VMWare Horizon Connection Server is often used as an internet-facing gateway to an organization’s virtual desktop environment (VDI). Until recently, most of these installations exposed the Connection Server’s internal name, the gateway’s internal IP address, and the Active Directory domain to unauthenticated attackers.

Information leaks like these are not a huge risk on their own, but combined with more significant vulnerabilities they can make a remote compromise easier. I love these kinds of bugs because they provide a view through the corporate firewall into the internal infrastructure, providing insight into naming and addressing conventions.

The Atredis advisory and the VMWare advisory are now online and contain additional details about the the issues and available fixes.

Testing for these issues is straight-forward; the following request to the /portal/info.jsp endpoint will return one or more internal IP addresses along with a version number:

$ curl https://host/portal/info.jsp

A POST request to the /broker/xml endpoint returns the broker-service-principal element in the XML response, which contains the service account name (machine account typically) the domain name:

$ curl -k -s -XPOST -H 'Content-Type: text/xml' https://host/broker/xml --data-binary $'<?xml version=\'1.0\' encoding=\'UTF-8\'?><broker version=\'10.0\'><get-configuration></get-configuration></broker>'


We would like to thank the VMware Security Response Center for their pleasant handling of this vulnerability report and their excellent communication. VMWare noted that this issue was also independently reported by Cory Mathews of Critical Start.