Shawn Moyer, CEO and Cofounder

Shawn Moyer leads, executes and plans advanced, custom-scoped projects including reverse engineering, binary analysis, advanced penetration testing, and private vulnerability research. Shawn also coordinates service delivery and scoping for larger engagements, and manages business development and relationships with Atredis business partners.


Shawn brings over 20 years of experience in information security, with an extensive background in penetration testing, advanced security research including extensive work in mobile and Smart Grid security, as well as advanced threat modeling and embedded reverse engineering. 

Shawn has served as a team lead and consultant in enterprise security for numerous large initiatives in the financial sector and the federal government, including IBM Internet Security Systems’ X-Force, MasterCard, a large Federal agency, and Wells Fargo Securities, all focusing on emerging network and application attacks and defenses. 

In 2010, Shawn created Accuvant Labs’ Applied Research practice, delivering advanced research-driven consulting to numerous clients on mobile platforms, critical infrastructure, medical devices and countless other targets, growing the practice 1800% in its first year.

In creating the Applied Research practice, Shawn recruited and developed a team composed of some of the greatest minds in the security industry and proved it was possible to monetize innovative security thinking in a way that didn't rely on either marketing budgets or exploit sales, ultimately resulting in the creation of Atredis Partners as the next iteration of the research-driven services model. 

Prior to Accuvant, Shawn helped develop FishNet Security’s penetration testing team as a principal security consultant, growing red team offerings and advanced penetration testing services, while being twice selected as a consulting MVP.

Key Accomplishments

Shawn has written on emerging threats and other topics for Information Security Magazine and ZDNet, and his research has been featured in the Washington Post, BusinessWeek, NPR and the New York Times. Shawn is a ten-time speaker at the Black Hat briefings, and has been an invited speaker at other notable security conferences in the US, China, Canada and Japan, including RSA, ShmooCon, DefCon, and SecTor.

Shawn is likely best known for delivering the first public research on social network security, pointing out much of the threat landscape still exists on social network platforms today, and demonstrating mass exploitation of several popular social networks at Black Hat and DefCon.

Shawn also co-authored an analysis of the state of the art in web browser exploit mitigation, creating the first in-depth comparison of browser security models along with Dr. Charlie Miller, Chris Valasek, Ryan Smith, Joshua Drake, and Paul Mehta. 

Shawn studied Computer and Network Information Systems at Missouri University and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and holds a number of information security certifications.