At Atredis Partners, we thrive in the unknown, and nothing gets us more excited than a new client project with unique challenges and obstacles to overcome. By definition, each of our engagements is built with the client's specific objectives in mind, so if you have a specific need that isn't in this list, please contact us! We'd love to build a bespoke proposal to meet your needs.



Research-Powered Penetration Testing

In our Assessment practice, we blend our process of cutting-edge security research with penetration testing, giving our clients a depth of testing and quality of results that we believe is second to none in our industry.



Embedded Security Assessment

In our Embedded practice, we do full-scope hardware, IoT, mobile, medical and industrial security assessments at every layer of a device, from IC-level reversing to firmware and embedded software exploitation.



Risk Management

Our Risk team brings a research-driven and technology-centric approach to risk management and compliance, collaborating with our other technical teams to help our clients move beyond checkboxes with a forward-looking, scientific approach to managing threats.