Josh Thomas, COO and Cofounder

Josh Thomas’ specialties include advanced hardware and software reverse engineering, malware and rootkit development and discovery, and software development. Josh has extensive experience in developing secure solutions for mobile platforms and a deep understanding of cellular architecture. Josh currently holds a TS clearance, and has worked in many sensitive, cleared environments.


Josh began his career 14 years ago in network administration and software development. Prior to moving his focus primarily to security, Josh wrote Artificial Intelligence and cryptographic solutions for the Department of Defense. Josh has extensive hands on knowledge of mobile devices and cellular infrastructure. He is also dedicated to hardware reverse engineering and embedded device exploitation.

Josh most recently was a Senior Research Scientist with Accuvant’s Applied Research team, and has worked as a Senior Research Developer at The MITRE Corporation. At MITRE, Josh performed analyses of the Android, Apple, Symbian and BlackBerry security models as well as other non-mobile embedded platforms and worked closely with the vendors and project sponsors. Josh also developed an open-source mesh networking solution for Smart phone communications that bypasses the need for physical infrastructure, performed advanced spectrum analysis for cleared communications, and designed a secure satellite communications system required to handle the most sensitive communications possible while also being resilient against the highest levels of waveform interference. 

Prior to his tenure at The MITRE Corporation, Josh developed Artificial Intelligence and embedded cryptographic solutions for General Dynamics and other organizations. Josh projects including the design and development of robust routing architecture for UAV/UGV autonomous vehicles, battlefield troop movement predictive scenario generation, and creation of mathematical models the controlled de-orbit and reentry of the Mir Space Station.

Key Accomplishments

Josh is the recipient of three DARPA Cyber Fast Track grants for advanced security research, and has presented at multiple security industry conferences, including BlackHat, DefCon, DerbyCon and ToorCon. Josh is the lead developer and maintainer of the open-source SPAN mesh networking project for Android, has published and reviewed papers for IEEE, and holds a pending patent related to NAND flash memory hiding techniques.

Josh holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Texas A&M University, and has been a frequent presenter at national and international security industry conferences.