Dr. Galen Williamson, Principal Consultant

Galen Williamson worked nearly two decades developing a variety of research and operational capability prototypes for a range of defense, intelligence, and civilian government agencies. Galen specializes in mobile device integrity and self-measurement, kernel and rootkit development, second-stage exploitation, and all things ARM-related. Galen currently holds a TS clearance.


Galen began working for the MITRE Corporation as a summer intern while pursuing his Ph.D. in programming language semantics and static analysis. During his 17 years there, in his role as Senior Lead Computer Scientist, he acted as architect and technical lead on a wide range of projects.  

Key Accomplishments

Over the past decade, Galen has focused on low-level exploitation, reverse engineering, and offensive and defensive capability development, for desktop, telematics, and mobile platforms including Windows, iOS, Android, and QNX. Galen’s primary efforts were in the development of rootkits, obfuscations, process injection, and low-level data extraction techniques.

Prior to his turn to security research, Galen’s work centered on developing a range of applications for human language and speech technology for intelligence agencies and the FAA, from enabling multinational coalitions to chat across language (and security) boundaries, to empowering drones to “talk” on the radio to kindly inform air traffic controllers and nearby human pilots when they’ve broken free of the control of their human masters.

Galen was recently invited to lead a multinational workshop to disseminate and improve upon an advanced capability that he had developed. Galen holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Knox College, and Masters and Doctoral degrees in Computer and Information Science from Northeastern University.