Darren Kemp, Principal Consultant

Darren Kemp leads and executes highly technical software security, network, and web application assessments and advanced red team assessments, as well as complex reverse engineering and exploit development projects.


Darren brings over a decade of professional experience in the information security space, spanning a variety of roles and responsibilities. Darren's experience includes penetration testing, application security assessments, malware and vulnerability analysis and reverse engineering. 

Most recently, Darren was a security researcher for Duo Security's Duo Labs team, publishing externally facing security research and supporting internal security efforts. Prior to Duo, Darren was a Senior Security Consultant for Leviathan Security Group. Prior to Leviathan, Darren worked as a Threat Analyst for Symantec's DeepSight Research Team.

Key Accomplishments

Darren has several widely-reported and publicly credited vulnerability disclosures in a number of major software products, and his research has been featured on MSN, CNET, Wired, and other media outlets. Darren developed advanced crashdump analysis tools as part of DARPA's CINDER program, and has also made many contributions to the Metasploit Project.

Darren studied Computer Technology at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.